Habesha: Jewellery

Pattern: Thatch
$95.58 $114.54


The Coming Full Circle set is a symbol of wholeness, inclusion, and protection.

the Full circles represent wholeness and infinity- no beginning or end, neither sides nor corners- original perfection. 

the Circled Dot on the reverse of the earrings is for the Egyptian hieroglyph of The Sun (Ra), a source of illumination and warmth on all creatures, without segregation.

On a zero-waste journey, we use recycled paper-beads and the beautiful fabric offcuts from our collections to add lightweight eco-friendly spunk to your look.

Set contains:

1 pair of Coming Full Circle earrings +

fabric-wrapped bangles (1 wide and 2 narrow)

Complete the set by adding items from the Habesha collection to save an additional 10% on your order. (Free shipping and discount applied at checkout)

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