Amplifying the Voices of the Artisans

We are inspired by the African diasporic community to create a lifestyle and ecommerce experience that is centralized to support the needs of consumers. Blackprint creatively curates stories with intention to connect Culture, Commerce, and Lifestyle Experiences, while exhibiting amazing products and services. Our goal is to amplify Black Owned Businesses to generate a sustainable resource of generational wealth.


“It's imperative that we tell our stories, with our voices, unapologetically.”

I've always been passionate about my culture and supporting my community. Be it the food, the music, the art, or the products that I patronize for myself and my family. I've become a professional at taking screenshots of every product and service from Black Owned Business that I MUST have! A born native of Toronto, Ontario, but raised in Edmonton, Alberta, I experienced the lack of representation growing up, and found myself needing to live in Toronto to feel closely connected to African and Caribbean experiences. With over 15+ years of experience as a Digital and Marketing professional, in 2020 I decided it was time to put my Product Management skillsets towards Amplifying the Voices of the Artisans in the community. A life lesson I've learned is, It's imperative that we tell our stories, with our voices, unapologetically.

Shereen Simon

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Benefits for your brand!


A secure platform to amplify brands
Website performance metrics
Vendor Portal for inventory management
We focus on implementing the best in class integrations to highlight the artisans and improve the customer experience.
Feel comfortable focusing on your business, while we focus on the technology. 


Joining the bp family means your brand with be featured in various merchandising segments throughout the year. Additional paid marketing opportunities are also available to put additional emphasis on your best selling offerings.

Story Telling

The art of telling your story can be curated with blogs & vlogs. We'll work with you to understand how we convey your message and benefits!
The story behind your brand is what your audience needs to connect with to relate to why they need you in their lifestyle. 


How to get started

Our reveue model enables blackprint to service various brands and services in different stages of their business lifecycle. Whether your business is a start-up or it has been in market for an extended period of time. Our pricing model caters to all! 

Start by filling in the application, meeting with us so we can get to understand more about your brand and your business goals. We'll identify if you require any additional services, and once approved, we'll get your business up and running. 

100% handmade soap bar
100% handmade soap bar

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