blackprint is an online marketplace designed to amplify black owned businesses. Sell and buy products and services on the blackprint online marketplace, and circulate the black dollar to build OUR legacy.

Apply now and let's extend your brand and
business reach to the world. 


       Facilitating relationships is key!        
Your business growth and sustainability is important to us and we are here to support you. Lets tell the customer who you are, the person behind the brand. 
Promotions, rebranding, and brand partnership opportunities to amplify your business.
Be The Change

The Next 

       Investing = longevity!        
Jumpstart your ideas. Lets put a lens focus on investing in young black entrepreneurs. Facilitating programs for support, growth, and building relationships!

Benefits for your brand!
blackprint will deliver the optimal customer experience with value-added business and marketing benefits, so you can focus on compounding your business objectives.


A secure platform to amplify brands
Website performance metrics
Takes away the focus on technology maintenance and website functionality

Community & Mentorship Program

Network events for businesses
Group mentorship programs to support longevity of young black entrepreneurs

Brand Partnership

Brand opportunities within the blackprint network to increase your brand reach

Revenue Share 
blackprint pricing model has No subscription fees, and no one-time costs to join. 
This model enables blackprint to service various brands and services in different stages of their business lifecycle. Whether your business is a start-up or it has been in market for an extended period of time. Our pricing model caters to all!

*Additional credit card processing fees not included.
How to get 

Apply now and let's extend your brand and business reach to the world.
It's time to build OUR legacy!
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