Gentle Ease Digestive

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Uh oh, bubble guts again?  You were sure you had it under control but... here you are in the restaurant's bathroom hoping no one else will come in until you are done with the bomb you're about to drop.

You really should have had a cup of Gentle Ease Digestive. It's the stomach's best friend. This blend is soothing and calms the digestive tract, activating food breakdown from the start! 

Liquorice and cinnamon coats the lining of the stomach to ease acid activity. What's great is that this tea is also an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory.

Cinnamon Bark fights parasites that often invade the digestive tract, controls sugar cravings and over eating.

I know you can picture it, now how about you taste it and see if your stomach doesn't thank you for the relief?




licorice root

cinnamon bark


lemon balm

barberry root



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