Aroma Touch Lube/Aroma tactile Lube



Our lube is created to tantalize ,stimulate and have your moisture needs taken care of. Formulated specifically to replenish moisture to enhance comfort and pleasure. The herbs selected have specific phytoestrogen properties for supporting vaginal health.

How to Use: Wash your hands first, pour a small amount on fingers and apply to desired area. Re-apply as needed.
Follow up with our Aroma Aftercare Gel.

Castor Oil/Huile de castor/, Sunflower Oil/ huile de tournesol,Aloe Vera Gel/Gel aloe vera,Silicea/Silicea, Rosemary/Romarin, Vegetable Glycerin/Glycérine végétale,Maca Root/ Racine de maca, Hibiscus Flower/Fleur d'hibiscus,Calendula/calendula, Mulien/Mulien, Chammomile/Camomille, Blend of Essential Oils/Mélange huiles essentielle
Grapefruit Seed Extract/Extrait de graine de pamplemousse

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