Neem Oil, 4 oz

Neem Oil, 4 oz -
Neem Oil, 4 oz -
Neem Oil, 4 oz -

Neem Oil, 4 oz

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  1. FIGHTS ACNE. Neem seed oil removes acne causing bacteria from the skin. Also, the fatty acids in neem oil prevent scars caused by acne. It also reduces irritation and allows the skin to regain its healthy glow.
  2. REDUCES ECZEMA. Neem oil is an age old natural remedy for eczema symptoms like itchy, dry skin. Though it brings relief and soothes the skin, neem oil does not cure the root causes of eczema. These causes are usually hereditary. However, regular use of neem oil helps a great deal in treating eczema irritation and rashes.
  3. SKIN RASHES. Vitamin E rich Neem oil is relieves the itchiness and irritation caused by all sorts of rashes, including diaper rashes and other such rashes common to children. It can be applied directly on the skin for almost immediate relief. You will definitely notice the difference after 3-5 days.
  4. ANTI-FUNGAL. Neem has anti-fungal properties that prevent and treat common fungal skin infections like ring worms, athletes foot and nail fungus. The two compounds, namely gedunin and nimbidol, present in neem oil destroy the fungi that causes skin infections. It is proven that neem oil is effective in 14 different cultures of fungi.
  5. REMOVES BLACKHEADS. Regular application of diluted neem oil removes blackheads and prevents their re-occurrence. Add 2-3 drops of oil to an ounce of water and use the diluted solution to get rid of blackheads.
  6. COLD SORES & HERPES. Applying neem oil on affected skin areas will not just soothe the irritation but will also kill the bacteria that are the root-cause of these conditions.
  7. ANTI-DANDRUFF. Neem oil improves your scalp health and maintains the PH level of the scalp. Healthy scalp means no dandruff. Massage into the scalp after shampooing for best results.
  8. KILLS LICE. Simply massage into the hair and scalp and leave overnight, then remove with a thin comb in the morning.
  9. PROMOTES HAIR GROWTH. Neem oil strengthens the roots and accelerates hair growth. It can also be used to counter the effects of hair thinning caused by pollution, stress or chemicals.
  10. REMOVES SPLIT ENDS. Neem seed oil moisturizes hair from root to tip, repairing hair cuticles. A basic hair trimming and regular application of neem oil will help you bid an instant farewell to dreadful split ends.
  11. PESTICIDE. The active ingredients in neem seed oil interrupts the life cycle of insects and constrains their growth.
  12. MOSQUITO REPELLENT. Neem oil (5%) can be added to a carrier oil and applied on the skin for an effective repellent. Drops can also be added to stagnant water on the compound, repelling mosquitoes them from your environment.
  13. INSECTICIDE. Neem oil is an exceptional repellent, for common garden bugs like locust beetles, mites, nematodes and caterpillars. Neem oil is a perfect repellent for termites, ants and cockroaches too!
  14. PET CARE. Neem oil is equally effective on the coat of your pet. Apply directly on affected areas and spray in the area where you pet spends the most time.
  15. NATURAL CONTRACEPTIVE. Studies have proven that neem oil kills sperm within 30 seconds of contact. It causes no irritation or discomfort like chemical based spermicidal foams do, instead it acts as a lubricant and even offers a degree of protection from sexually transmitted diseases.  Simply soak cotton ball in neem oil and insert into in the vagina at least fifteen minutes before intercourse. It lasts for up to 5 hours.

The list of benefits actually goes on, but the reasons mentioned top the list and make it obvious why you need neem oil in your life. However, there is one draw-back, neem oil has a pungent scent that takes some getting used to. You can dilute it into a carrier oil and still get the benefits. 

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