My Loc Journey

On November 6th, I made the decision to begin my loc journey. Despite the fact of having just cut my hair for a fresh start, I felt as though the time is now. I’ve been a girl to always love the complexity, diversity, and uniqueness of a single curl, as well as the many styles and possibilities that can be created of them. Not to mention the expression that comes from being able to move though different protective styles, such as braids, wigs, cornrows and many more. However, this decision came from a way deeper place than simply just wanting to change my look and style.

When I was younger, I don’t remember the use of gel being implemented so heavily in my hair styling as it was before I loc’d my hair. Or even the need for a hairstyle to be super slick, or a curl to be perfectly placed. I cannot speak for all black woman, however I do feel that for myself in the past, I had subconsciously trained my mind to think that by society’s standards, if my hair was not perfectly tamed, slick and sleek that it might not be presentable?  This is also coming from a girl who would take down her box braids in two weeks at the sight of frizz or messiness. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the feeling of a fresh new style or a neat ponytail, but it is the true acceptance of self that I am wanting to gain along this journey. The power in knowing that I am loc’d in with myself and stepping into my highest self. Being 3 months into my loc journey, I am not always confident with the length of my hair or walking outside without a head covering, but I am embracing every aspect of this journey in mindfulness, patience, and self -love.

TeeMy decision to loc my hair also derives from the alignment it has with my spiritual beliefs. I like to think of myself as a spiritual being who is connected to all things and all things connected to me. In having that innerstanding, I realize that our hair works as antennas of which connect us to consciousness and stores information, as it is an extension of our nervous systems. As carbonated beings, our hair, or rather our ether, is of the only kind that defies the laws of gravity by growing up and outwards. This such reflecting nature as it reassembles trees and plants. Locs to me brings unconditional love towards oneself, in the practice of accepting ourselves as we come naturally. Awareness of our connection to nature and the cosmos, as well as freedom through breaking away from the needs to be understood by others in our nature and heritage.

 As a previous film major, one of my passions derive from storytelling through imagery and visual conceptualization. Because of this, I enjoy sharing my loc journey on my social media platforms. I also enjoy being able to watch others who share their experiences on this journey as well. Over time I’ve seen terms like “The Ugly Stage” being used to describe the beginning stages one might go through while either anticipating for the length in their loc’s to be visible, or overall gaining comfortability with the process itself. I personally don’t believe in this term and would advise all readers on this journey to stray away from this annotation. Reason being is that there are vibrations to words. Meaning a certain energy that all words can carry. By deciding to label your current stage as the “Ugly stage” you have already begun to program your subconscious mind towards absorbing a negative narrative over this period. As I said before, even for myself, learning to accept all the journey as well as its lessons can sometimes be uncomfortable. My personal advice would be to give yourself the chance to absorb this journey positively embracing your strength and power while learning to accept and love oneself unconditionally.


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