Misconception of Oily Skin…

Would you believe that using an oil-based product for oily skin is actually great, helpful, and necessary?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions in a beauty routine for people who are dealing with oily skin. It is so embedded in our heads not to use oil that when I recommend an oil-based product to a client dealing with  this- they look at me like I have two heads!

Like everything, skin needs balance. It is our largest organ, our protective shield and is required to do a lot for us daily. So, the question is how can an oil-based product possibly support oily skin?

Have you ever tried to mix oil and water together only to  notice that no matter how many times you shake it, the oil will sit at the top? It is because they are not of the same makeup.  Water is a form of liquid and is made up of hydrogen bonds (don’t worry, I will spare you the science tutorial) and oil is made up of fats. Fats need fats to bind together because they speak the same language.  When you think about it; how can an oil free, water-based product work? For oil to be pulled from the skin, it requires another oil to attract it. While water is essential for the skin, it plays a completely different role.

When we deprive our skin of natural oils, it goes into overproduction mode to make up for a lack of sebum. Drying out oily skin by skipping moisturization and using harsh, stripping ingredients will lead to breakouts, acne, and even more oil. It causes the oil that the body is making to become trapped in the layers which causes the overproduction. There is a breakdown in the distribution process.

The great thing is by using the right products, it is totally manageable. After cleansing with a gentle scrub or a product that has exfoliating properties, we can regenerate the skin by unclogging the pores and sloughing away dead skin. This will also allow the skin to attract moisture from the air (which is water) and then the application of  oil will help to deposit the necessary moisture back into open, receptive pores.

Using a lighter application is typically a comfortable way to get used to an oil base product again. Just a few drops can make a difference to your skin! Adding this to your routine is a game changer, especially before bedtime. This  gives your body a chance to regenerate, and you will wake up to softer, more supple skin.

Check out our Vitamin C Plus serum that has been amazing with  correcting blemishes and just becoming a lovely daily moisturizer. With all that said, there are far more benefits to using an oil-based product to help neutralize and support oily skin!! Believe me, it is worth it!!!!

Althea - Owner of Shea Essence - Wholesome Food for Skin

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