Steam Infusion Spray



Lavender, Orange & Thyme 8oz / 236ml 

made 100% with essential oils

Have you ever been in an aromatherapy sauna at the spa? This shower spray will give you a similar affect when you add it to your shower routine. This aromatherpay spray is best especailly if you are someone who is busy and on the go. It is a quick pick me up and relaxing experience without the need to spend hours in the bath.

We wanted to give you a big product which lasts longer and It's made with 100% natural essential oil. This lavender, orange and thyme blend has been tested over a couple of months and has been such a great relaxing experience.

Both lavender and orange essentail oil aids in anxiety relief and gives overall relaxation. Orange will also help with energizing you. The thyme essential oil supports your immune system and increases focus.

Add a 4-6 sprays into the shower steam to fill the entire room with the invigorating scent or add the sprays to your shower walls! 

*don’t spray it into the spot you are standing or directly on the shower/bath floor*

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