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This combo of 5 full size products is ideal for individuals who want to start a new and healthy hair care routine. You have all you need to cleanse, condition & detangle, hydrate, moisturize, and seal. 

  1. Moisturizing shampoo bar (65g): lasts longer than your regular liquid shampoo. Njia Asili shampoo bar contains ingredients that cleanse your hair and unclog your pores. Thanks to the addition of fenugreek, our shampoo bar stimulates hair growth. We also added nourishing ingredients like mango butter so you can cleanse your hair without drying it.
  2. Hair Conditioner (234g): from our Moringa & Black Cumin Seed line, our conditioner brings flexibility to your curls, strengthens your strands and ease the detangling of your hair. As a result, you experience less breakage and thus, retain more length.
  3. Daily Hydrating Lotion (234g): is used after the conditioner has been rinsed off and the excess water removed  from the hair. This product is also used as needed throughout the week. It is also part of our Moringa & Black Cumin Seed line. It provides hydration to your hair and is light enough to  also suit people with thin hair. You have been looking for that product that will help you refresh your curls mid-week? There it is!
  4. Hair Cream (234g): made with shea and mango butter, as well as nourishing, strengthening oils, this product is the third of our Moringa & Black Cumin Seed line. It is used after the conditioner has been rinsed off and the excess water removed  from the hair or after the daily hair lotion has been applied. Our hair cream provides an additional protective and moisturizing layer to your curls.
  5. Hair Balm (50g): is the ultimate hydration retention. This product is anhydrous (does not contain water). Njia Asili hair balm is perfect blend of butter, oils, wax, and other softening ingredients. It can be used on the hair tip, the whole hair shaft, and also on the scalp. Ideal when you have braids to keep your scalp moisturized and flexible. This hair balm is the ultimate occlusive to protect your hair, especially during the winter time.

* Always do a patch test before applying a new product.

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