Start You Buisness Up the Right Way with All 3 Ebooks



In Stitch Your Crown

I’m giving you the full scope on how to construct a crown but in a written format. I’ve  added a product list for all the products needed for every step of constructing your Crown. $75

In The Ultimate Business Guide

I’m laying out everything your business needs to start up. Everything they don’t tell you about how to start and run a Business from the backend. The focus is on a hair business but if you have a business this guide will also be helpful for you aswell. $75

In the Crown Makers Vendors List

I’m providing you with all the vendors you need in your business or to just make a crown for yourself. These are wholesale vendors for Hair, Wig Caps, Canvas Block Heads, Measuring Tape, Hot tools, Packaging, Labels, Wig Combs, Needles, T-pins and Hair Products. You have Everything you need to Create a crown in this ONE Vendor List $200

Purchase all three for half the price $175

Valued at $350

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