Olive Butter with Vitamin E

Size: 150ml
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Body Butters, in general, is much thicker in consistency than creams and lotions, it also has less water and contains fatty acids which your skin needs to regenerate. Give your skin a dose of ultra-rich hydration, when you apply the olive butter with vitamin e. With up to 48-hour moisturizing properties, your skin will stay softer for longer.

It is a rich nourishing cream to protect, nourish and restore harmony to dry, sensitive skin. Containing deep conditioning moisturizers like shea butter, squalane, and vitamin e. This olive body butter provides long-lasting moisturization and comfort and relief from intensely dry, tight, and flaky skin. The skin instantly feels hydrated, smooth, supple, and comfortable after applying.

OLIVE BUTTER- Olive butter is cold-pressed and originated from the Mediterranean basin and is very popular in skincare routines and beauty products. It’s high in Vitamin A, E, K and nourishing fatty acids for the skin. Olive butter is best used on the skin as it might clog your facial pores. 

VITAMIN E-  Vitamin E facilitates the healing of wounds whilst soothing and reducing acne. Recommended for Acne-prone skin. (For external use only). Vitamin E facilitates the healing of wounds whilst soothing and reducing acne. This vitamin E enriched body moisturizer nourishes and hydrates for 24hrs.

(For external use only)

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