I Yarn Jewellery set

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Set: Necklace + Earrings
Color: Midnight
$89.87 $107.76


1 pair of I yarn Earrings and I Yarn Necklace

The I Yarn Jewellery collection is a reminder that we are bound to one another through a shared yearning for happiness.

Our artisan, Melissa, wraps yarn in a spiral to create these breathtakingly beautiful jewellery pieces for you.

We contemplate our intertwined hopes, dreams and desires in the knot that forms the earrings.

The pipe necklace is surprisingly lightweight, and she crochets the yarn at the end to form a closure deserving of this beautiful work fo art.

Created in the same colours  as our Artisan fabrics, these pieces are the perfect complement to your Msichana pieces, and yet also serve as a great way to add a subtle pop of colour to any look

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