African Black Soap (Ghana Organic Black Soap)

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Feel The Difference Real Soap Makes On Your Face

Experience the natural skin healing secret passed down through centuries for better, flawless skin. Feel the difference real soap makes on your face. Our African black soap is made in Ghana from traditional African recipes and techniques. It does not contain any artificial fragrances.

It contains natural ingredients. Its benefits are legendary around the world. Get ready to experience an authentic, original black soap that once was only accessible to a handful of African tribes. The benefits of the Ghanaian organic black soap (African black soap) are endless, the soap is one of the secrets to the flawless skin of most African women.

The soap contains oils derived from plants. Our organic African black soap will leave skin soft and refreshed and is perfect for eliminating acne and excess oil. Our African soap is the authentic solution for your acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, dermatitis, and rashes. Our black soap works the same way as regular soap but does not dry out your skin or contain any artificial ingredients or preservatives.   

Soap is great for exfoliating as well. After bathing rinse skin  with cold water to help retain more moisture.


  • Anti-acne and breakouts
  • Cleaner, clearer skin from the first use!
  • Keep your skin young, fresh and healthy'
  • Helps minimize fine lines
  •  soothes acne and removes blemishes
  • prevents rashes, itching, dry and flaky skin
  • cleans pores and rejuvenates the skin leaving your skin fresh and clean
  • cleans blackhead

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