444 Bath Soak



444 bath soak 


This luxurious herbal and skin-softening soak will have you feeling unstoppable, enlightened and angelic. It will leave your skin feeling a lot softer within one use and protects your energy field. This soak will soothe your skin and give you that spa experience within the comfort of your home.How to use: Add 1.5 tablespoons to your bath or use for a foot soak!


cleanse your body and soul but also feel extra protected by your angels with this bath soak.


some fun facts about some of the ingredients: 

yarrow flower has been used since ancient times because of it's antimicrobial and pain relieving traits, heals wounds and can soothe your skin, clear body acne and hydrates you. chamomile is also great to soothe the skin and has relaxing properties. hibiscus flower helps produce collagen production because of the vitamin C within it.


ingredients: angelica root, yarrow flowers, chamomile, red roses, rose buds, epsom salt, hibiscus flower, lavender, lavender essential oil, rosemary and coconut milk powder.

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