Size: Small
Color: Rosé


Satin Bonnets are perfect for protecting your natural curls. They keep your hair in place at night and keep your braids neat and tidy. Satin is the best material for hair because of it’s smooth and slippery surface. This reduces the chance of hair breakage and unnecessary pulling. It locks in moisture, prevents split ends and reduces breakage.This bonnet is stylish enough to allow you to wear it out when running errands or when you have a bad hair day. The bonnet advertised in the picture is a small. Order now and keep your hair healthy and in style! Since all bonnets are made to order, please allow a week for production!

Bonnet Care

Bonnets must be hand washed or delicate cycle in the washer. Cold water works best! Hot water may cause shrinking. Refrain from wringing or twisting your bonnet or it may loose it's shape. Do not place your bonnet in the dryer, air dry only! If excess grease is added to your hair, it may cause staining!


Small: Ideal for kids and men or women with shorter hair.

Medium: Ideal for men and women with medium length hair or braids, twists, etc.

Large: Ideal for men and women with long hair or braids, twists, locs, etc.

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