Living my best life with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Part 2

As the years passed I myself started learning more and more about MS and it's only the beginning.   MS is known to mimic other illnesses which explains being told I may have Parkinson's (hands used to shake real bad), also having Lupus (fatigue, pain, weakness in limbs/muscles, cognitive memory loss/trouble concentrating) all common symptoms of MS. Finally with the proper testing, MRI, I was given the diagnosis of MS.  Did you know that MS is also known to be a Chronic Inflammatory Disease?  This explains my dislike for things that may raise my temperature (the summer, any type of cardio, even warm clothing during the winter months). 

Trying to explain this to a few people to get them to understand my dilemma a friend told me to look into the spice called Tumeric which has anti-inflammatory properties.  After a strenuous day I would wake up the next day with  my body feeling very tight and stiff due to the inflammation from the day before. So when I found and started drinking Tumeric Ginger Lemon tea before bed it worked wonders for me as when I would wake up from having a strenuous day of physical activity I was able to get up and strut freely.🚶🏾‍♀️🙏🏾


1. My first tip, using peppermint essential oil to make your own cooling Mist if dealing with heat intolerance.

2. Here's the second tip, drinking Tumeric Ginger Lemon tea before bed to help with inflammation will do wonders for you.

Check back in a couple of weeks, and I'll share another natural alternative tip that helps me manage the symptoms that come with managing MS.

Paulene Dawkins - Owner of PMJ² Infused Wellness


Looking for another great healing tea to help with inflammation? Try Botanically Blended Digestive Tea 

Liquorice and cinnamon coats the lining of the stomach to ease acid activity. What's great is that this tea is also an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory.


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