New Mommy - aching feet

In 2021, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. She has become my world - my day begins and ends with her. As most of you know, being a new mom comes with a lot of sacrifices. The luxury of personal time has gone out the window, my free time now consists of cleaning, running house errands, or getting the next meal ready. You start to eliminate and forget to do the little things that were a part of your self-care routine.

I can sadly confess that it has been more than a year since my feet have had the joy of being pampered from a pedicure. My feet are screaming at me, especially my heels that need to be soaked, scrubbed, filed and moisturized,  and all I can say is SH!T this is pitiful. I need to do something ASAP!

Oh how I miss going to the nail salon, having the nail tech say “pick your color” right before I sit down in the massage chair and let my bad boys soak in the blue water (not sure what makes it blue, but I should probably find out). I would love to take the 2 hours away and just do ME! Doing me comes with serious planning and not to mention the scare of COVID. Yes, I said it, planning to get a pedicure. Some women can relate that leaving the baby at home is not easy. Not only do you have to prepare everything for the baby before you leave the house, but you are also left with the voice in your head telling you, "why did you leave" or the anxiety of the phone ringing to tell you, "you’re needed back home."

I know my daughter is a year, but babies are unpredictable at times, and for some reason, they always choose to act up when it’s your time to go out. So, what’s the alternative?!? I started to look at ways to pamper myself while at home. Not only will it save me money (the cost of daycare is not cheap!), but there are some great natural products available that are much better than the blue water and the mystery oil that the nail salon uses.  It is time for me to dust off my home foot spa, get out my nail utensils, and get to work. For my new foot regimen, I recently ordered a couple of products from Blackprint, that sound promising. The "Soothing Foot Scrub" by PMJ² Infused Wellness to remove the dead skin that is probably all over my sad feet. I also purchased the "Sole Foot Balm" by Roshun Beauty to lock in the moisture that my feet are thirsty for.

I am soo looking forward to my home foot spa day and trying these products because my feet need to be revitalized STAT!  Check back in a couple of weeks, and I will give my honest review on both products and maybe some before and after pictures if I dare to be so brave.


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